I want to thank you for making the CBD oil available at a reasonable price. My son, who has autism, seizures, ADHD, and extreme anxiety, started taking the oil in August 2018. About 3 to 4 years prior to that, he regressed quite a bit. He went from talking, engaging in conversation and play, to very little talking and play.  He spent much of his time just pacing, and would often get upset, especially during any transition, crying or acting out aggressively.  The light in his eye was gone, and was very apparent in before and after pictures.  We were no longer able to eat out with him or go into crowds because that would lead to more anxiety and behavior.

Since starting the oil in August, Landyn started talking more, still not as much as he used to, but expressing himself more than he was.  His anxiety decreased a lot. We are able to go to church again as a family and sit in the church service, not in a room by ourselves.  He is calmer and seems more interested in his siblings and what they are doing at times.  We have been able to go out to eat together as a family.  The aggression and melt downs have a decreased a lot.  He smiles more, and just seems more comfortable and happy.

Landyn is 17, will be 18 in July. My prayer is that with continued use of the CBD oil, working with his psychiatrist at children’s, and as he transitions out of puberty, we will see more improvements and continue to get some of the old Landyn back. Thank you again for making the oil available and at a price we can afford.